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Back To The Future

Bill Koss posts some entertaining anecdotes on the recent rumblings regarding “Booming Optical Growth

I’m paraphrasing the article – read it in full here. It’s more serious, I’m just grabbing the funny bits.

How you know the bubble is back:

  • Telecosm 2: Return of the Light is published
  • Dave Huber starts another optical company
  • You are at a cocktail party and two bankers start a debate between OOO and OEO (my personal favorite)
  • CEOs/CFO’s are once again seen on CNBC talking physics and playing with toy mirrors
  • Chambers Announces Cisco never left the optical business
  • Average people want to hear about crystal growth yields
  • Telecom people travel to Tulsa again, still no one knows why
  • A California startup announces an ASIC that integrates the equivalent of 1000 Cerent 15454s on a single chip. This starts an “454 integration war” between several semi companies
  • SuperComm Returns to New Orleans and calls itself SuperComm and acts like the last ten years are a forgotten memory


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