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BT’s 21CN – Reversing a Victorian Tradition

England is near the top of the list of countries I don’t like to visit. My wife likes watching the tedious Victorian England dramas of BBC “Masterpiece Theatre”. I last about 10 minutes until their images force memories of stuffy rooms, bad heating, weird ergonomics and truly god-awful food to resurface.

There is one exception to my stereotype. British Telecom’s (BT) 21st Century (21CN) initiative. No Victorian Bric-a-Brac here.

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SIPlified Content Distribution

Wading through my morning reading I happened upon an Acme Packet (APKTwhite paper that did a good job explaining my apprehension about Akamai (AKAM) and how their business might be commoditized. In the long term, do SIP and managed media sessions replace the media caching model?

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