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AMD buys ATI

What was rampant speculation (including ours) is now official– AMD (AMD) is buying ATI Technologies (ATYT), a Canadian maker of graphics accelerator chipsets.


Graphics acceleration is no longer for gaming freaks; the new version of Microsoft Vista contains advanced visual features dubbed “Aero” that demand more functionality than the standard video frame buffer can provide.
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Intel – Putting the Hurt on AMD

Core DuoThe pre-release benchmarks and rumors about Intel’s (INTC) new architecture are holding firm now that the silicon has seen official release.

Two independent reviewers have written opinions about the new Intel Core processors (see below)… both were previously solid AMD (AMD) supporters.

Intel has now seized a commanding lead in performance desktop processors. This is in addition to the spectacular technical success of Woodcrest in Server space – where AMD has caused the most financial damage.
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