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State of the Photon – Global FTTH Activity

I haven’t been shy about my prediction that GE-PON would trump GPON deployments and so far I’ve been right. The dominance of GE-PON continues, with large deployments planned or underway throughout Asia. Verizon (VZ) is the only carrier deploying BPON/GPON in size though some activity is promised in Europe. We shall see.

Let’s take a quick look at the state of the photon.

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Chinese FTTH Silicon Moves Forward

My five part FTTH in China series discussed the players, technology, and opportunity of FTTH in the worlds fastest growing economy.  Teknovus, a private company I follow made an related announcement today. They’ve released the first GE-PON chip compliant with China Telecom’s (CHA) enhanced IEEE GE-PON 802.3ah standard.

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The Future of FTTH in China – Part V

What we’ve learned

  1. Part One – A radical change in demographics is creating an optimal situation for a fiber build out in China
  2. Part Two – GE-PON has taken hold in other countries with similar demographics
  3. Part Three – The economic and market conditions appear to favor GE-PON
  4. Part Four -The activities by the largest Chinese Telecom actor reinforces this choice

In this fifth and final installment we will examine what questions remain that prevent accurate forecasting of PON deployments in China.
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The Future of FTTH in China – Part IV

This is part IV in a continuing series. Part III can be found here.

Enter the Dragon

China Telecom (CHA) recently assembled a very quiet, closed door session of suppliers in order to orchestrate implementation of several extensions to the IEEE 803.3ah GE-PON standard. This event has gone totally unreported in the press. Obviously, knowing which companies attended would be valuable- this is what I have been able to conclude.
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The Future of FTTH in China – Part III

This is part III in a continuing series. Part II can be found here.

We believe China Telecom (CHA), as well as other Chinese actors, will choose GE-PON. They are motivated by factors that transcend technical specifications, factors that matter most to the selection process.
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