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Apple iTV – Intel and NVIDIA Inside

Anandtech released the first Apple (AAPL) iTV hardware teardown accompanied by excellent analysis. Here are my takeaways, aided by their astute photos and observations.

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AMD buys ATI

What was rampant speculation (including ours) is now official– AMD (AMD) is buying ATI Technologies (ATYT), a Canadian maker of graphics accelerator chipsets.


Graphics acceleration is no longer for gaming freaks; the new version of Microsoft Vista contains advanced visual features dubbed “Aero” that demand more functionality than the standard video frame buffer can provide.
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Wintegra – Following up on a Comment

I received a good question on the Wintegra Inc. (WNTG) post I made last week. I felt the response was worth a post on it’s own. Please remember this is not investment advice, and not a negative outlook on Wintegra as a comapny, just my opinion of something that needs to be considered when attaching a multiple and valuation to the company. References to Teknovus and Passave are in context with the previous post.

From “Watcher” –

I don’t really understand your Cisco example: according to your example Cisco doubled its purchasing from Wintegra in 3 years (2003-2005): 27% of $4.5M in 2003 to 10% of $19.5M in 2005: can you explain this again (why doubling sales to Cisco is a problem)?

You ask a good question. In the interest of brevity I oversimplified my argument. Let me explain in detail.

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