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Nu Horizons – Follow the Herd

Day 3 - Provence

I am at a complete loss to explain the markets reaction to Nu Horizons’s (NUHC) most recent quarterly results. People appear content to follow the herd for now, but the problem with being surrounded by warm bodies is it makes a quick escape impossible.

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Others Will Feel Vitesse Semiconductors Pain

The Vitesse (VTSS.PK) accounting debacle announced yesterday will impact other companies in the components market. My gut feeling is that other non-commodity component companies are engaging in this behavior right now. The old adage applies- if you see one roach, there are a thousand more.

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Nu Horizons – Is This Time Different?

nuhc_summ1_thumb.PngAll of the correlation between Nu Horizons and its competitors and suppliers has broken down. “This time is different” can be the four most expensive words an investor can use.

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Trickle Down Economics and Channel Stuffing

nuhclogo.jpgIt’s very profitable for distributors – while it lasts. I examine the recent disclosures from Vitesse Semiconductor and the potential impact on their largest distributor, Nu Horizons.

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