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FiOS TV – Verizon Lost My Order

I’m not off to a great start with Verizon FiOS TV. Installer pulled a no show at my home this morning. No call, no warning, nothing. I phoned in and spoke to the same lady who took my order. Her explanation? Their systems ‘changed’ and my order was ‘lost’.

Unbelievable. I’m waiting for a call back to find out when I can spend another morning waiting for an installer to show.

Update: – Verizon executes about as good of a recovery as one could expect. They rescheduled me for a Saturday, tomorrow, and credited me $100. Plus, they didn’t try and hide the fact they screwed up.


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  1. Your update is amazing. I wonder if they’re aware of your blog.

    Posted by LazyBoy | October 30, 2006, 6:50 PM
  2. Company DNA doesn’t change easily. Under that shiny FiOS veneer, it’s still New England Telephone. Old traits die hard. I once had NY Telephone no show on three appointments in a row over the course of a week. Next time they no-show, conference in the public service commission when you are on the phone with customer service. The PSC is the only thing the telopolies seem to respect. Let me guess, they have the guy scheduled to show up some time in an 8 hour block of your day – I’m sure you had nothing else going on Saturday.

    Posted by Brian Horey | October 30, 2006, 11:50 PM
  3. Actually, they told me I was the first visit of the day. He showed up right at 9:15AM.

    I have noticed that all of my customer service q’s are handled by a different unit. I think Verizon was smart enough to partition this business away from everything else.

    Posted by Andrew Schmitt | October 31, 2006, 3:24 PM
  4. Be interested to hear how your experience evolves over time. I have had FIOS Internet since early Spring and TV since the late Spring. In trying to upgrade 2 of my boxes to HD they lost the order 3 times. It took over 60 days to get the new boxes (they require a truck roll to unplug one box and plug in another). No call back to Verizon took less than 30 minutes. Their online service, which they point you too via their web site, does not work for FIOS, it is handled by an entirely separate unit (in Dallas I think) which can only be reached by phone. I got one CS rep to admit to me that the order entry system was not integrated, so there was no way for them to see that I ordered the new boxes, so the order number they gave me was essentially useless. After the spewing my frustration at the CS rep post-second cancellation she comp’ed me the truck roll (which they didn’t tell me in the first place was going to cost me $50) and a half a month of service — whoppie! I have had problems with one of my boxes regularly, and at this point I dread calling them anymore because it takes so much time.

    Posted by Steve J | November 13, 2006, 6:06 PM