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The Nyquist Condition – Now on Yahoo! Finance

seekingalpha.pngMy posts have been syndicated to Seeking Alpha (SA), an excellent site that aggregates blog content from all over the web, since early this year. Many of my readers first found this site through SA.

Yesterday, Yahoo! (YHOO) announced an agreement with Seeking Alpha, and SA content will now appear alongside other news stories in Yahoo! finance. If you search on Intel (INTC) this morning, you will now see my post on the Intel-Cortina deal.

This is particularly interesting for less followed stocks and will provide individual contributors such as myself an equal voice alongside outlets such as “The Motley Fool” and “”.

As many of you know, I do all of my web development and administration personally. It is a labor of love. I migrated to a higher capacity web hosting service last week based on the traffic generated by the Cisco post. It’s a good thing I did. Last night, when the Seeking Alpha agreement went live, this site hit a new traffic record based on interest in Intel and Cortina, and it was led by referrers from the new Yahoo linkage.

I may repost some historical articles given this new media outlet, so please excuse some content redundancy over the next few weeks. The terms of service with Yahoo! dictate I must now disclose any positions I hold when writing about equities. This may address the concerns of some of my critics, who have cast me as a “Short Selling Hedge Fund shill”, though I do not currently manage directly or indirectly, any LLP. It should be noted I also see zero dollars from any advertising or licensing deals.

Please visit if you have not. They offer one page summaries of the Wall St. Journal and Barrons (emailed to your blackberry for free), free conference call transcripts on hundreds of companies, and user generated content that ranges from outstanding to derivative.


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