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Net Neutrality Will ‘Fossilize’ the Internet

Martin Geddes (Blog: Telepocalypse) delivered a rare dissenting opinion at the Jeff Pulver “Freedom to Connect” net-neutrality love-fest conference today. I was not there, but I can’t imagine it was a friendly audience. Earlier in the day Michael Copps, FCC Commisioner, delivered a keynote outlining the risks of net neutrality. (Note I will link to speech when text is online).

Here’s a highlight of Geddes’s speech:

An open, free net is an emergent outcome, not an a-priori input to be legislated into existence. We need to capture and accellerate the experiments in how networks are built, financed and sold; and protect those experiments from incumbent wrath until the results are in.

But most critically, don’t fossilize the network in 2006 by adopting network neutrality.

My thoughts on the subject can be found by searching for “Net Neutrality” in the search box or simply clicking here.


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  1. I was there, actually, Geddes was well received by most, as his was one of the most thoughtful commentaries of the day.

    Posted by Nick | April 4, 2006, 9:50 PM