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Bloomberg reports that Ciena is looking at a $300M bid to buy Nortel’s Metro Ethernet assets. Ciena, as always, never afraid to wield the checkbook. Should make for interesting conversation next week at OFC.

A simple and defensible argument on Why Tech Won’t Lead The Next Bull Market.

Great interview with David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer of Yale, author, and now a member of Obama’s Economic Advisory board. Swensen, like John Bogle of Vanguard, has a solid grip on what is wrong with the current investing environment.

The American consumer spending rocket has reached apogee. Tough to see any politically acceptable solution that doesn’t involve dollar inflation, which benefits debtors and hurts creditors.

We highlighted PMC-Sierra as being highly exposed to Chinese growth in last week’s Weekly Sample newsletter. Looks like Goldman Sachs agrees.

Read through the interventionist government cheerleading and you have a very good transcript of the broadband stimulus meeting this week.

Telecom Ramblings updates it’s comprehensive database of dark fiber provider fiber route miles and connected buildings. This data simply isn’t available anywhere else, and it is free.

Learn the differences between Ingress Shaping and Ingress Policing. Dune Networks sells switch fabric chips and has a blog. WARNING: Propeller hats required for this one.

This new Google Voice service looks like it could bring VoIP to the masses just like Yahoo! and Hotmail brought email. Too bad one can’t port their existing number over but that must be coming. Goodbye Landlines!

AT&T provides details on 2009 capex spending: $17-$18B, down 10-15% from last year, and flat with 2007. This is in line with what was provided earlier, so the good news is things didn't change in the last two months.