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Chinese Broadband Penetration Myths

As many readers know, I am not a fan of market research companies, particularly when they try to forecast (see “Market Research Firms Shouldn’t Forecast“). Forrester Research aimed for headlines this week while marketing a new report “China Ahead Of US In Broadband Adoption“.

The report is utter nonsense and concludes broadband penetration in China is higher than in the US. Their methodology? Sample the broadband penetration of four large Chinese cities and compare that with the United States as a whole.

Aside from the completely unscientific approach, you also have to ask how they obtained the data for these four Chinese cities. Government entities are notorious for overstating the quality of infrastructure, particularly at a local level. When a US research firm strolls into the Chengdu municipal office and asks them what their broadband penetration is – do you really think a straight answer is going to emerge?

Here’s the Nyquist take, data we compiled as part of an in depth stufy into FTTH in China (see “The Future of FTTH in China – Part 1“).

China FTTH Stats

Kudos to Techdirt for exposing the fraud.


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