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Marketing Stupidity

HDTV Red ArmyThere was sufficient CES 2006 coverage by media outlets with more resources and talent than myself, but this was one nugget worth sharing from my trip to CES earlier this month.

Hisense, a Chinese manufacturer of flat panel TV’s (one of at least 20 companies with no discernible difference) made a rather poor HD contnet choice to show on the displays it was exhibiting.

Yes, a two minute, non-stop loop of Chinese Red Army parades. On all of the TV’s in its booth. While exhibiting to predominantly American customers.

I can’t imagine why anyone at Hisense thought this was a good idea, other than a way to get some good peer recognition from the Communist party. “Yeah! Chinese Military Parades! Complete with Missles! It will be very different!”

Updated: Someone suggested that I take a look at the Hisense website… and the language there is a dead giveaway that this is a company with strong nationalistic roots (aka majority government owned). I don’t think Ayn Rand is going to be placing a buy order for Hisense stock…

Serving the Society” is our ultimate goal. An individual’s life can only be meaningful through the process of serving the society and an enterprise can only grow larger and stronger and find its value and significance of existence by serving the society. The “Service” referred to above is not only limited between Hisense and the society or Hisense and the consumers but also between various functional units within Hisense Group and between the parent company and its subsidiaries, i.e. the parent company shall provide service to its subsidiaries, the subsidiaries and various functional units provide services to production and sales and the preceding work procedure serve the next procedure.

Even better, from the company timeline:

In July 1996, confronted with the first price war ever broke out in China, Hisense declared solemnly in the National People’s Hall that” Hisense would not involve itself in price war and would maintain its development strategy of “High Tech, High Quality, Best Service and Global Brand” against any market competition. The whole nation was overwhelmed by this declaration.

I’m sure stockholders would be overwhelmed if they pulled that trick again.


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