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FiOS Penetration Update

Verizon reported earnings yesterday. The FiOS data that was provided was more detailed than in the past and IP Democracy has a good summary of the call. My informal walking-around the neighborhood survey (looking at the splitter drops and counting connections) jives with the 10-15% penetration after 6 months. The full transcript of the earnings call can be found at Seeking Alpha, and that’s where I found a neat little factoid.

David Barden – Banc of America Securities

… on the FiOS business, could you speak to the conversion rate from old DSL customers to new FiOS customers?

Doreen Toben

… It’s just under a third conversion to DSL to FiOS.

This means that 2/3’s of incremental FiOS customers are either new broadband subs or converts from cable. Considering Verizon has targeted communities that already have high broadband penetration (they, of course, will deny this), and the aggressive response from Cablevision, this means FiOS broadband is having a strong competitive impact.


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  1. I am hoping that Verizon will continue to making headway in N. VA where we are in need of some healthy competition! Right now we are stuck with Comcast and the service and options are terrible.

    Posted by Luv2Box | May 9, 2006, 2:24 PM
  2. I’m stuck with Comcast here in NJ as well…I’ve heard nothing but good things about FiOS and can’t wait till they enter the market here.

    Posted by jerseygirl | May 9, 2006, 6:39 PM
  3. I find the prospect of FiOS to be very intriguing. Where I live in Southern California, it feels like the we’ve been carved up ala gerrymandering for the benefit of the larger providers like (cringe) Cox! I say–let’s get some competition and let the chips fall where they will.

    Posted by SoCal | May 9, 2006, 9:25 PM
  4. I was relocated from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, and after months of promising they’d “be with us for as long as it took to recover from the situation” Cox cable terminated our accounts and permanently deleted access to our email without so much as a day’s warning. Unfortunately, Cox and Bellsouth remain our only options, and we’re far enough from the nearest DSL terminal that it’s not much better than dialup. So were’ back with Cox. I’m not sure if Verizon’s planning on expanding to southeastern Louisiana, but some healthy competition to the entrenched duopoly would be much appreciated!

    Posted by watcher | May 9, 2006, 10:33 PM
  5. Enough of this horseshit. How is it that four people who all claim to be in radically different parts of the country all have Cox Communications IP addresses sourced out of Atlanta.

    What is your agenda? If you have one, find your own home to promote it.

    Posted by Andrew Schmitt | May 10, 2006, 7:28 AM
  6. My guess is:

    Posted by FlangePuppy | May 10, 2006, 12:19 PM
  7. Well, I’m interested to see if I show up as a Cox IP address while sitting in my house in PA using Comcast Cable Internet…BUT I just wanted to say I like the progress that FiOS is making, and hope it keeps creeping westward through PA and into other parts of the Northeast. I can only be a good thing to have more choice and competition.

    Posted by Jim Halpert | May 10, 2006, 7:40 PM
  8. Jim, why is it exactly that you believe you will show up as a cox IP address? Are you one of the previous posters are do you have some other reason to cast doubt on the blogger’s assertion that he has found evidence of dishonest posting on his site? Personally I think the blogger has the right to object if he has good reason to believe that the discussion on his site is being distorted by people paid to leave misleading posts. I’m getting more and more tired of the dishonest and immoral practices of large companies (and their apologists like yourself). Make no mistake, if they get what they want, the internet will be just like cable tv and you can watch it or turn it off but not participate or innovate in any meaningful way without alot of $$$.

    Posted by Nate Glenn | June 5, 2006, 12:54 PM