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Fun With Market Caps

Quick, rank the 10 following companies by market capitalization from large to small. If pressed for time, try picking the three biggest and three smallest.

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What Matters About The Apple iPhone

The big deal isn’t the iPhone itself, which is what the mainstream investment, gadget and tech media is focusing on. It’s the way that it will fundamentally challenge how carriers have coupled services with connectivity with a hardware distribution monopoly.

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Xbox Does IPTV – It’s Official

Microsoft (MSFT) just announced that on November 22nd the Xbox 360 will allow users to purchase and rent high definition television and movies. I made this call back in January of 2006, and repeatedly since then (search this site for Xbox IPTV).

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Amazon Unbox Could Unbundle Too

unbox1.PngAn interesting piece of news speculates Amazon (AMZN) may be partnering with Tivo (TIVO) to use their DVR platform.

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Apple Overload and Zune Confusion

swingers.jpgI’m tired of reading about Apple’s ho-hum iTV announcement. And the Microsoft Zune strategy is incomprehensible. I don’t want the new PG-13 Microsoft that everyone likes. I want the old, evil, R-rated Microsoft you’re not sure you like.

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Google CEO joins Apple Board

Dealbreakers take on Google CEO Schmidt joining Apple’s board of directors is too funny not to share, and conveys an attitude that should be applied to every announcement Google makes.

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Apple Checks In On The Sweatshops

Apple (AAPL) has come under fire for using sweatshop labor to assemble your precious iPod.

Seeking to avoid the PR disaster faced when Nike’s manufacturing facilities were profiled in the early 90’s, Apple launched an investigation and issued a preliminary report. Some excerpts are worth sharing in order to understand the scale of outsourced Chinese manufacturing.

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Steve Jobs is speaking today. The world breathlessly awaits. The photo illustrates that his goal of global domination draws closer.

I think the second wildest fantasy of any marketing guy is to wield the power that Steve Jobs holds.

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Credit Suisse on PortalPlayer & Microsoft Relationship

Credit Suisse discusses Portalplayer (PLAY) today in their morning note.

Michael Masdea now sees Portalplayer as a potential supplier for the Microsoft Zune player, and specifically highlights the existing relationship Portalplayer has with Microsoft.

Current MSFT relationship is key. For many months now, PLAY has been working with Microsoft to develop the Preface technology for laptops. Microsoft is putting significant marketing dollars behind Preface through the “Windows SideShow” name and the Vista launch. As the hardware PLAY ships for the Preface platform is very similar to what PLAY ships into MP3 players, we believe Microsoft will be more inclined to use PLAY chips for its own MP3 player.

This is a concept that we have seen, followed, and talked about for the last six months. It is refreshing to see that this concept is finally more broadly recognized.

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Finesse vs. Brute Force

Paul Kedrosky highlights one slide presented by Craig Mundie at Microsoft Analyst Day that compares the cumulative R&D investment of Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG), among others.

Two ways to look at this.
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