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DSL Market Consolidation Dynamics

The ongoing consolidation of DSL chip suppliers should create a positive structural effect on pricing and improve the overall health of the remaining players. Dave Burstein of DSL Prime fame points out that Broadcom (BRCM), Infineon (IFX), Conexant (CNXT), and Ikanos (IKAN) now account for 95% of DSL chipset market share. This is extremely positive.

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LCD Killed The Plasma Screen

Anyone walking around the floor of CES 2007 could clearly see that LCD has won, and Plasma Displays are dead. The plasma guys like Panasonic (PC) are fighting a rear guard action to extract returns on their sunk Plasma investment costs. Plasma will will ship fewer incremental panels as demand for large size flat panels explode, and absolute market share for Plasma will plunge. I don’t expect to see any additional investment by manufacturers in Plasma.

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Vitesse Investment Thesis


I’ve been engaged in constant debate with readers and other investors about my position in Vitesse Semiconductor since disclosing it. Based on reader email, it was one of my more unpopular opinions. I thought it would be appropriate to share my investment thesis from early August with a wider audience.

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China Semiconductor Market Share

Interesting little factoid-table on semiconductor market share in China.
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Are you ready for some Japanese ONU install and hardware pr0n? This is excerpted from research we did on Passave (PMCS).

outside_enclosureAll photos and component data (click to enlarge) are courtesy of a Japanese web page. I used Google to translate the page – available here. (I don’t think human translators have much to worry about yet). Zoro, whoever you are, thank you.

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Sun wants to “Change the Planet”

Last week it was open source, this week Sun (SUNW) wants to change the planet. Unfortunately, doing so will require a street fight with Intel.
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