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Adtran Q108

Adtran reported surprisingly good numbers and made specific comments that indicate the Great North American capex freeze of 2007 is thawing in a few areas. The company also had interesting things to say relative to access market growth and trends in the Enterprise portion of their business.

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LightReading Ethernet Conference Notes

Lightreading Ethernet Expo 2007This is a collection of notes and observations gathered during the LightReading Ethernet Conference that didn’t merit a standalone article. Unless noted, these conclusions were from conversations I had while at the conference, and not the opinions of presenters.

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The Madness of the Carrier Chipset Market

image There is an excellent editorial today by Lee Goldberg that explores the lack of new R&D in SONET/SDH and PDH chip sets. While I don’t agree with the conclusion it is a worthy topic of exploration and he highlights something missed by the mainstream tech media.

The networking industry may be about to hit a hidden speed bump as the number of semiconductor companies actively involved with developing products to support SONET/SDH, PDH, and other TDM-based technologies can now be counted on one hand.

Lee thinks this is a big problem. This is not a problem at all. It is the only logical solution to the madness of the past 6 years.

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Vitesse Q207 Conference Call Notes

Vitesse (VTSS.pk) delivered the required fiscal discipline in Q207. While running a super-tight ship does not come without downsides, at this point I believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

My biggest concerns going into the call were inventory and cash management, and the company executed well in these areas in the face of declining shipments.

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Any Hope for Ethernet over PDH?

One area that I strongly believe will see greater capex in 2008-2009 is Enterprise Access. (see “Enterprise Access Capex – A Ray of Hope?“) 

Cable modems forced the Telcos to dig DSL technology from the closet they were hiding it in order to remain competitive. The same forces are aligning today in enterprise access – but this time it’s dark fiber, PON, and even short range wireless that are the threats. What technology represents Telcos only hope of retaining business customers?

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EZ-Chip and Raza Micro at Gilder Telecosm 2006

NPU companies consistently make the case the market is moving into their domain and that technology is their edge, right up to the point they go out of business.

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Vitesse Conference Call

I am listening to the Vitesse Semiconductor (vtss) conference call.

Many people have asked me what I thought about owning Vitesse stock. My only answer was that “I didn’t own any”.

Today, on the Vitesse conference call, the details came out. Revenue recognition issues.

There is still something unseen, and related to Vitesse.

Notes from the call are below:
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Private: Transwitch buys Mysticom

When will the investors in Transwitch (TXCC) decide that Dr. Santanu Das (Dr. Das around here, we like the way it sounds) needs to go?

Yet another incomprehensible acquisition was announced today, Mysticom (a truly unfortunate name), which specializes in quad retimers, a technology that was hot in 2002.
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