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Storewidth Bottlenecks – Gilder Telecosm 2006

This was a very interesting debate among some very heavy hitters who operate data centers about where the bottlenecks are in the data centers, and if the new model of massively distributed computing in one centralized data center is a sustainable model.

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Cortina Acquires Intel Comm Semi’s

cash-cow.jpgIt’s official. Looks like Cortina acquired a digestible portion of Intel’s (INTC) comm semi product line, forgoing the network processors that would bring high SG&A overhead. They focused on the parts they could plug into the company to generate cash flow.

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Cortina Acquires Intel Comm Semi Assets

header_logo.jpgThis is a developing story. This post will change as I learn more.

It appears Cortina Systems will purchase and operate the communication semiconductor assets of Intel (INTC).

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Quake – Another Failed AMCC Acquisition

The slow motion disaster movie that is Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) is still in theaters even though investors stopped buying tickets long ago.

Quake AMCCAMCC announced this morning an all cash deal to buy Quake Technologies for $69M net. AMCC has managed to spend nearly $1BB in cash on a number of acquisitions, none of which have provided a return better than simply sticking the dollars in the bank. We feel that Quake will be yet another failed acquisition.

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AMD buys ATI

What was rampant speculation (including ours) is now official– AMD (AMD) is buying ATI Technologies (ATYT), a Canadian maker of graphics accelerator chipsets.


Graphics acceleration is no longer for gaming freaks; the new version of Microsoft Vista contains advanced visual features dubbed “Aero” that demand more functionality than the standard video frame buffer can provide.
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Life During Wartime

Saw a Reuters newswire release on Intel (INTC) and how their engineers are continuing to work in Haifa even though the city is being periodically hit with Hizbollah (Syrian? Lebanese? Whose?) rockets.

The Intel article on wi-fi bomb shelters, while a surprise to some, was not a surprise to me. It reminded me of the time I first visited Israel for business, February 25th, 1998.

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China Semiconductor Market Share

Interesting little factoid-table on semiconductor market share in China.
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Intel – Putting the Hurt on AMD

Core DuoThe pre-release benchmarks and rumors about Intel’s (INTC) new architecture are holding firm now that the silicon has seen official release.

Two independent reviewers have written opinions about the new Intel Core processors (see below)… both were previously solid AMD (AMD) supporters.

Intel has now seized a commanding lead in performance desktop processors. This is in addition to the spectacular technical success of Woodcrest in Server space – where AMD has caused the most financial damage.
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Head Down, Working

Received a couple emails and a Yahoo! IM today with the same question… why no blogging?

I’m working on a detailed study on optical modules. I think I’ve found something particularly interesting.
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SFP+ … Yet Another 10G Optical MSA?

This article is an anonymous submission from a dedicated reader and frustrated engineer

A decade or more ago life as an “optical guy”…as grad student or a professional, revolved around fairly simple things…moving photons over here, a little “guvment” money over there, a product or two now and then…good times, good times. And if you were lucky enough to score a (gasp!) postdoc (swoon!) at Bell Labs, why ANYONE would work grueling hours for Dickensian low pay for a chance to work on things like… SONET…. DWDM… FIBER… BANDWIDTH… DATACOM…

Economics, ROI, quarterly growth, P/E, investor guidance and things of that sort, well that simply did not matter. For the truly patient investor, the general idea of a “boutique investment” applied well…a fairly complex science understood by the few in service of fewer still.
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