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Why JDSU Bought Picolight

1310vcselsfp.jpgJDSU (JDSU) announced that they are acquiring Picolight, a maker of VCSEL based optical transceivers. This is yet another example of healthy consolidation in the optical components business, which ultimately will lead to a better business environment for all- except for the customers like Cisco that exploit the oversupply situation. And Cisco is the likely reason JDSU bought Picolight in the first place.

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BT’s 21CN – Reversing a Victorian Tradition

England is near the top of the list of countries I don’t like to visit. My wife likes watching the tedious Victorian England dramas of BBC “Masterpiece Theatre”. I last about 10 minutes until their images force memories of stuffy rooms, bad heating, weird ergonomics and truly god-awful food to resurface.

There is one exception to my stereotype. British Telecom’s (BT) 21st Century (21CN) initiative. No Victorian Bric-a-Brac here.

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Xbox IPTV Announced at CES

I love it when a plan comes together.

I’m here in Vegas and Microsoft (MSFThas announced that the Xbox 360 will be morphed into a set-top box, delivering IPTV like functionality. This is something I predicted almost a year ago, based on the fact it made sense and Microsoft appeared to telegraph this.

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Nyquist Predictions For 2007

Prediction is an entertaining activity better suited for stimulating discussion than providing an absolute outlook on the future. Therefore, the bolder and more controversial, the better. Keep that in mind as you read and respond.

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Cisco vs. the World. Cisco is Winning.

Here’s a quick statistic worth sharing. Cisco (CSCO) CEO John Chambers spoke yesterday at the Credit Suisse Tech Conference and made the following point.

Cisco’s market capitalization has increased from $10B in January 1995 to $110B in November 2005 to $165B in November 2006; during that same period, the aggregate market capitalization of its 12 largest competitors has declined from $71B to $62B to $55B.

Wow. I’d like to get the detail behind this one.

Full Disclosure – I hold Cisco puts as a hedge against other positions. Lucky for me they are not positions in Cisco competitors…

Fun With Market Caps

Quick, rank the 10 following companies by market capitalization from large to small. If pressed for time, try picking the three biggest and three smallest.

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Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Huawei.

I know two American engineers who have relocated to China to lead optical module design teams at Chinese equipment companies. They live and work in China for Chinese companies, using their skills to build custom modules – skills no longer in demand from their American Tier-1 telecom equipment employers.

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Cisco’s Scorched Earth Strategy

Cisco swallowed another chip company this morning, Greenfield Networks. The notable thing about this acquisition is that Cisco rival Huawei/3Com built their high end system around the Greenfield device. I’m willing to bet that Greenfield was a lot more important to Huawei/3Com than it was to Cisco. And I’m willing to bet that’s why Cisco bought them.

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Xbox Does IPTV – It’s Official

Microsoft (MSFT) just announced that on November 22nd the Xbox 360 will allow users to purchase and rent high definition television and movies. I made this call back in January of 2006, and repeatedly since then (search this site for Xbox IPTV).

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Pulling the Plug on Tivo

I’ve pulled the plug on Tivo (TIVO) after three years of great service. With my recent FiOS TV subscription, I needed HD capability and I cannot justify paying $800 for hardware I get for free from Verizon (VZ). I just wish I had tried to cancel my Tivo service earlier as they offered to cut the per month fee in half if I stayed. That’s a bad leading indicator for the health of this company.

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