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Final Thoughts on Gilder Telecosm 2006

Going into this conference I was skeptical. I was not expecting an objective discussion about technology. I was expecting a forum where Gilder portfolio companies are given the microphone and allowed to preach to the Gilder priesthood, and a forum where dissidents to the Gilder viewpoint are viewed with skepticism. I was wrong.
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EZ-Chip and Raza Micro at Gilder Telecosm 2006

NPU companies consistently make the case the market is moving into their domain and that technology is their edge, right up to the point they go out of business.

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Day 3 Summary – Gilder Telecosm 2006

Steve Forbes, John Rutledge, and Carver Mead. In one day, in one place. Fantastic stuff, though readers should be warned you’ll gain more insight into my political rather than my technical beliefs by reading this post. You can be assured they are just as opinionated.

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Death of the All Optical Network – Gilder Telecosm 2006


Infinera took the bold and stunning risk of angering the Gilder priesthood by illustrating that an all optical network was not the future and not the best solution.

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Storewidth Bottlenecks – Gilder Telecosm 2006

This was a very interesting debate among some very heavy hitters who operate data centers about where the bottlenecks are in the data centers, and if the new model of massively distributed computing in one centralized data center is a sustainable model.

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Day 2 Summary – Gilder Telecosm 2006

This is really an excellent conference. I am blogging only the sessions that I believe my readers have a direct interest in, but it should be noted that the many interesting sessions are in topics OUTSIDE of what this blog typically covers. I’ll try and summarize some of those events, and add some color to my experience here.

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Finisar & Luxtera – Gilder Telecosm 2006

The Gilder Telecosm 2006 conference is punctuated by sponsor company presentations. This session had the CEOs of Luxtera and Finisar (FNSR) presenting, followed by moderator and audience Q&A. I was really looking forward to this discussion given the work I’ve done on SFP’s and Cisco.

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Net Neutrality Debate – Gilder Telecosm 2006

Gilder Telecosm 2006 - Net Neutrality

I woke up in SFO at 4AM to make sure I could get to Tahoe in time for this debate. I’ve written extensively on Net Neutrality and stopped once I realized it was unresolvable.

Broadband Brawl: A Debate Over Net Neutrality

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Gilder Telecosm 2007

I came away from my visit to last years Telecosm (see articles here) pleasantly surprised by the quality of the debate. I had a chance to share a few beers with George Gilder and talk about the future of NPU’s and of the industry in general. I found the conference superior to standard investment conferences as it has real debate and hard audience questions.

You can imagine my pleasant surprise when I was invited back this year as a panelist. I’ll be participating in a panel debating flexible vs. fixed silicon solutions in the network (agenda here).

Presenting companies that fall under the Nyquist market model: LNOP, ANAD, QCOM, Luxtera, INFN, EQNX, and several more TBD. More information including registration can be found here.

The conference is being held in upstate New York this fall and always draws a very interesting speaker list – last year Steve Forbes, Michael Milken, Carver Mead and John Rutledge all delivered stellar presentations. I went in last year with a slightly negative bias of Gilder and the ‘Gilder Priesthood’ and came away with a positive impression. You might change your mind too. Hope to see you there.

George Gilder – Telecosmic

The Wall Street Journal published a biographical article (free till May 10th) on George Gilder, one of the chief exhalers that inflated the optical bubble of 1999.

I mentioned Gilder last week in my first post on Wintegra (WNTG). He has consistently spoken positively of a network processor company called EZ-Chip and the holding company LanOptics Ltd. (LNOP). His support for the company has been unwavering for years as he continues to predict an NPU revenue ramp for EZ-Chip 6 months into the future. I hope this isn’t because EZ-Chip is a leading sponsor of his annual Telecosm shindig. How about some introspection into why things aren’t working out as he projected?

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