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Nice update on VZ's efforts in New York City. Bloomberg technology journalism is a surprising treat.

We’ll pass 12 million by the end of this year, 15 million the next, 18 million the next. I think even within that same time period, there may be some upside for us in number of homes passed without significantly changing the capital requirements.

VZ's FTTH project is using VDSL to service the biggest apartment building in Manhattan

Verizon FiOS TV Sub. Count Tops the Million Mark

Nice summary of VZ’s Q407. FiOS users top 1.5M, of which 1M are TV subs. Note this is all BPON. GPON revenue is not being delayed- it is being eliminated. The big question is can the revenue from landline losses be replaced somewhere else?

Verizon FIOS GPON in Nine States – New installs in those states now all GPON

Here comes the shift. GPON finally sees some volume on the horizon.

Squirrels Ate My FiOS

It’s not just a catchy title. I lost my FiOS connectivity Saturday morning, rendering my Verizon tripe-play package of voice, data, and television inoperative. The culprit? Squirrels. Continue reading

I’m not off to a great start with Verizon FiOS TV. Installer pulled a no show at my home this morning. No call, no warning, nothing. I phoned in and spoke to the same lady who took my order. Her explanation? Their systems ‘changed’ and my order was ‘lost’.

Unbelievable. I’m waiting for a call back to find out when I can spend another morning waiting for an installer to show.

Update: – Verizon executes about as good of a recovery as one could expect. They rescheduled me for a Saturday, tomorrow, and credited me $100. Plus, they didn’t try and hide the fact they screwed up.

Verizon Opens the FiOS Kimono

Historically, Verizon (VZ) has held it’s FiOS FTTH subscriber numbers close to the vest, and has not provided detailed information about penetration rates or success metrics. Today, they opened the kimono.

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Verizon FiOS TV Local Franchise Approved

My local town approved the FiOS TV franchise contract. I attended the first and only public hearing on the matter a month ago (and blogged it here).
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Blogging a FiOS TV Franchise Meeting

I attended a Winchester, MA town meeting tonight. The sole purpose of the meeting is to vote on cable franchise application from Verizon for FiOS TV. Meeting ran from 7:30PM to 10PM. Other than a small zoning meeting I once attended, this is my first town meeting.

I am a FiOS customer and follow FTTH issues from a financial and technical basis pretty closely.

THESE ARE RAW NOTES. I reserve right to change them if I get my hands on a transcript from the meeting.

Analysis to follow in a later post.


Guy from Comcast sitting next to me taking notes. Keeping tabs on the competition. Very friendly, do I detect even some sympathy for what Verizon is about to endure?

Lots of people here… they all know each other. They are all Verizon employees who live in Winchester. A little grass roots corporate push.

Board kicks off Meeting

Winchester Cable Franchise Hearing

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