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Link: FiberGeneration: JDSU vs. EXFO : Rumor Confirmed (?)

FiberGeneration: JDSU vs. EXFO : Rumor Confirmed (?)

This would make a lot of sense and really create a single Test powerhouse. It would be almost anti-competitive. More as this develops – if you have anything to add please comment.


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  1. I’m not convinced at all that it would make a lot of sense from a pure industrial perspective. Except a very few boxes in EXFO’ s product lineup, JDSU has it all. No need to add doublons to an already up & runing one-stop-shopping center. Maybe EXFO has some neat new technologies for emerging 40G or else, but JDSU has enough resources to do innovative R&D.

    The only reason why JDSU should buy EXFO is to take over their North America installed base (plus a couple of key accounts here and there in EMEA).

    Then, the acquisition makes sense. EXFO would be wipped out from the marketplace, full stop. Which would make the T&M landscape a bit more clear : three major players – Agilent, JDSU, Anritsu, plus an emerging one : Fluke/Tek.

    The true Telecoms Test Powerhouse is this one : Danaher. Fluke + Tektronix. They cover the whole spectrum, with customer-friendly solutions.
    My advice : if there is one single player to watch in the T&M field for the years to come, it’s Danaher.


    Posted by Marc Duchesne | January 31, 2008, 1:49 PM