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Stop Using Internet Explorer 6.0

Checking stats this afternoon I see that for the first time less than 50% of you are using Internet Explorer 6.0. 32% of you use Firefox, and 5% use Safari (Apple Users). Those of you still using Internet Explorer 6.0 really should upgrade to 7.0, something that can be done by running the Windows Update function. Or you can download it directly here. It is a good product. Those of you more technically inclined should download and install Firefox, which is a fantastic product and one I recommend highly.

You’ll have a better experience and more secure experience on this site as well as others if you upgrade.


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  1. I’m in that top 5%. ;)

    Posted by chuck goolsbee | December 21, 2006, 2:50 AM
  2. Just out of curiosity, how does this topic fit in to your blog?
    It seems that with every new release of anything microsoft, the code is getting exponentially more complex and long.
    Just look at how many updates WinXP gets.

    So I’ve jumped over to Firefox now and am loving it.

    I also use Safari on the Mac which seems pretty good too.

    But back to Mozilla, I use both Thunderbird and Firefox. Thunderbird makes Outlook, well Outdated.

    I don’t see many advantages of Firefox other than the tabs are becoming habit forming.

    Posted by Ed Draker | December 26, 2006, 4:43 PM
  3. It fits in because I am sick and tired of tweaking HTML code to work in IE6.

    IE7 is actually a pretty good product. Firefox plugins are very useful

    Posted by Andrew Schmitt | December 26, 2006, 11:28 PM
  4. I updated to IE7.0 right after reading this 3 weeks ago. As hard as it is for me to praise Microsoft, it’s really good.
    I’ve been using Firefox and IE7 is flat out better.
    The tabs are better designed, IE7 uses some clear view(?) font that makes it very legible and easy to ready.

    They are both very good browsers but IE7 is a little better. Sorry Mozilla. I still use Thunderbird over Outlook though.

    Posted by Ed Draker | January 8, 2007, 12:55 PM
  5. My one day love affair with IE7 is over today. Back to Firefox.
    IE7 now freezes everytime I use it. I reinstalled today and it still freezes.
    Evidentally, if you check the web, I’m not the only one with freezing IE7.
    WinXP Pro OS I use.

    Posted by Ed Draker | January 9, 2007, 3:07 PM