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Google CEO joins Apple Board

Dealbreakers take on Google CEO Schmidt joining Apple’s board of directors is too funny not to share, and conveys an attitude that should be applied to every announcement Google makes.

The tech press is in a hot lather over news that Google chief Eric Schmidt has joined the board of Apple Computers. Some are speculating on what the move means. Will the two companies form some sort of grand alliance to take on Microsoft? Will Google buy out Apple? Will everyone please shut up? Thank you. Nobody has any idea what it means. CEOs are always on the board of other companies, and it rarely signals any sort of meaningful alliance. In fact, were the two companies going to link up in some way, it’s unlikely that they’d telegraph it like this. Hey, did you know that Al Gore is on Apple’s board, too? Maybe he’ll make the MacBookPro the official computer of the federal government after he’s elected President. Of course, if you watched the West Wing, you’d know that a Democratic administration means Macs in the White House.


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