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China Semiconductor Market Share

Interesting little factoid-table on semiconductor market share in China.

china semi[1].Png

Couple things jumped out at me when I saw this:

  • While AMD has around 35% market share worldwide, they don’t appear on this list. Why is it that AMD processors are not popular in China, where price sensitivity should skew things in their favor.
  • Freescale… wonder what products drive this number. Processors or industrial electronics?
  • Would like to see this chart with memory products removed. I wonder what companies would pop to the surface.
  • I am assuming this list does not include chips sent to China for contact manufacturing and subsequent export.


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  1. AMD was ranked #12 in the 2005 top 20 worldwide semiconductor supplier (source IC Insights) with about $M 5700 sales. Looking at the chart, it seems that (aside from Intel Behemoth) a large portion of China’s market is driven by cell phones.

    Posted by gilles | July 20, 2006, 6:09 PM