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Head Down, Working

Received a couple emails and a Yahoo! IM today with the same question… why no blogging?

I’m working on a detailed study on optical modules. I think I’ve found something particularly interesting.

Good data on optical module volumes is hard to come by. When the bubble blew, all of the research shops that generated the tables of numbers decided to exit the business. It is further complicated by the fact that many of the volume suppliers are private (Avago, Neophotonics, Fiberxon) or buried within big companies (JDSU, Intel).

I know many readers enjoy this site, and that many of you are closely involved with the optical industry. Here’s my turn to ask for a favor.

If you could lend a hand on the following, it would be much appreciated. You can email anonymously using the [contact] link on the upper right of this page.

  • Number of SFP Optical Modules shipped in 2003, 2004, 2005
  • Total number of SFP’s shipped for Fibre Channel applications. Any info on Fibre channel optical ports would be helpful too. Trying to get a feeling for what share of SFP’s are used in Fibre Channel
  • Rough breakout of SFP usage between Datacom, Storage, and Telecom
  • GBIC shipments for last three years
  • … if you have this information by quarter, even better

I’ve ginned up my own numbers but I’d like to sanity check.

Anyone who helps out in a meaningful way will get advanced and free access to my report. I expect it to be an interesting piece of special situation buy-side research.


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