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Leaving Saturday

I’m leaving for my bi-annual extended vaction this Saturday the 17th. Those of you who need to already know how to reach me. I’ll have my mobile and hopefully should have email access through that. I may even try a little blogging from it.

Several people volunteered to contribute articles. While not all have been received as of yet, there should be an interesting mix.

  • SFP+ and it’s negative impact on the optical components industry
  • Fed Flow of Funds Statement – An Unseen Treasure
  • Long Term Growth of the US Market Capitalization
  • Microsoft – Wealth Creation Champion
  • Nasdaq – Euphoria in Perspective

In addition, I’ve already cached Part IV and V of The Future of FTTH in China, they will appear Tuesday mornings. I will be doing no additional professional blogging, but may post some updates on my trip. If anyone would still like to contribute an article, long or short, the final final deadline is Friday.

In leiu of congratulations and good wishes, please say a small prayer for my wife, who will be solo with my young children while I frolick in the Alps. I’m a very lucky man.

I return on July 4th.


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