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Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 (Beta)

wmp11 released

Installed it this weekend. Very nice. You can install it on your own Windows XP machine by downloading here. It can be uninstalled by using the Windows ‘rollback’ function. If you don’t know what that is, then don’t install this Beta!

I have not tried the URGE online music service, I am completely in-hock to Yahoo! and their music service- changing at this point would require that I identify and re-download all of the subscription tracks I currently own. Lucky for me, WMP11 plays all of the downloads from Yahoo.

Yahoo’s software interface is horrible – if the URGE service is as good as the player itself, Real Networks Rhapsody/Yahoo Music/Napster are in for some tough sledding.

I’m not going to make the “Apple iTunes is Dead” statement as the device has legions of committed users (I use the word ‘users’ in the same way a heroin addict would). But this player, combined with the new syncing infrastrucutre built into Vista will certainly stop the bleeding.


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