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Freedom Tower – The New UN HQ

Freedom TowerJeff Matthews has a foolproof plan. His intention was to ensure the new Freedom Tower had tenants by relocating the United Nations there- and he (incorrectly) believes that having the UN as a tenant would render it a neutral target. The WSJ covers the issue (Free Until May 10th) in todays issue.

I have a suggestion that would make the building safe for all and require no coercing of private employees or U.S. government workers to sit in fear of their lives in return for a paycheck.

My suggestion is this: put the United Nations in the top fifty floors of the “Freedom Tower.”

That would render the entire Freedom Tower impervious to attack.

Great idea Jeff, wrong reason. The UN is viewed as an equally viable target, as evidenced by the destruction of their Bagdahd HQ by suicide attack, and subsequent exit from Iraq altogether. It’s not a neutral target.

However- it is a brilliant idea. Would the administrators of the U.N. be as open and understanding with states that sponsor terrorism (such as letting them sit on the Human Rights Council) if they themsleves were sitting atop the worlds biggest terrorist target?

Sounds like a great workplace incentive plan to me.


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  1. Better yet, make the top floor a Mosque.

    Posted by Ray Stahl | May 2, 2006, 10:48 AM
  2. The UN should be in Jeruselum

    Posted by james boyd | May 4, 2006, 10:17 PM