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Net Neutrality Double Standard

Spent today working outside in the yard wishing I was out cycling. Had a lot of time to think.

What I find funny is the same people who pound the table about how the internet was born a wild, free, medium, how this is it’s biggest advantage, and how this is the manifest destiny of the network now cry foul when the internet might evolve into paying for multiple tiers of service.

Folks who make an argument for government mandated net-neutrality are asking to halt the untethered evolution they proclaim to be essential. That’s pretty funny.


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  1. I think the people who make an argument for net-neutrality are those who want equal access to the medium. This is where a government is useful: to provide equality (or at least, to minimize inequality). That there is equal opportunity for all is important for the success of novel internet apps. In that light, I don’t think there is either contradiction nor irony.

    Posted by cedichou | April 17, 2006, 11:49 AM