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Jim Cramer + Valium = Brilliant

I may be one of the few folks on the planet who has never seen more than a minute or two of Jim Cramer’s show “Mad Money”.

I don’t like the theatrics of his show and I think they depreciate the intelligence of Cramer, who is clearly a very bright and passionate guy.

The Big Picture points us to a simple video interview with Cramer where you get a chance to see the real guy, not the actor. All of his passion comes through, none of the nonsense. In the video, he even admits that the theatrics are purely to gain viewers.

If you’ve ever devoted 30 minutes of your life to the “Mad Money” circus take 15 minutes and watch this video. I’d like to see Jim Cramer do more of this, and less of the circus master act.

click for video
cramer video


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  1. Check out the article in Time Magazine. (I can’t remember, which week, but it is fairly recent. Kramer’s show is the most successful primetime show on CNBC. They are actually looking for more Jim Cramers.

    You are a passionate and opinionated guy, willing pick a fight. If I were you, I would start working on a show concept and pitch it to CNBC.

    Posted by Brad_K | April 7, 2006, 4:56 PM