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Taco Bell Neutrality

Lightreading has a good quote from Scott Ford, the CEO of Alltel Corp. (AT) on Net Neutrality.

I’m here to advocate that we have grocery store neutrality. You can come to the grocery store, pay $50, and you can have just whatever you want, take a cart, just load up on it. Or Taco Bell neutrality — it’s $25 a month, I can drive up and I can have a taco or whatever, or I can come with all those people in the Verizon commercial… bring them to load up on Taco Bell.

Taco Bell neutrality, grocery store neutrality, Net neutrality… They all make the same amount of sense.


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  1. And when they take $70 worth of goods after paying $50, the grocery store then goes and tries to get the extra $20 from its suppliers?

    The problem isn’t that telcos can charge more for the faster service, it’s that they’re trying to charge people other than their own customers.

    Posted by nj | March 24, 2006, 6:06 AM