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It’s Official – CPU Wars Over

It’s official, the processor wars are over. Apple just announced that their iMac low end computer uses the new Intel Core Duo processor exclusively, effective today. All Macs will be all Intel by the end of this year.

Game Over

And always, Jobs is the Jedi Master of the PR event. Live transcript from Engadget below.

1:07 PM – “The biggest news this year, of course, is we announced that we were going to shift to using Intel processors in Macs. We announced that by June of ’06 we would be shipping … ”

1:09 PM – “I wanted to give you an update today – how are we doing?”

1:10 PM – An Intel clean-room-suit guy walks out of a cloud of smog with a 12″ silicon wafer and says, “Steve I want to report that Intel’s ready. ” Takes off his his helmet — it’s Paul Otellini Intel CEO.

1:10 PM – Steve: “Well, I can report that Apple’s ready too”

1:11 PM – “We’ve worked nights, weekends to make this happen in record time. [to Paul] I want to thank you…”

1:12 PM – Boilerplate keynote act here except for when Paul quotes Bob Noyce, the forgotten Intel cofounder, “Don’t be encumbered by history.” They shake hands.

UPDATESomeone Tell Sun!

2nd Update – Check out the closing price of the stock.

AAPL Closing Price

Note: the 8086 was the first 16-bit Intel processor and was the engine of the first IBM PC’s.


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