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AMCC (AMCC) announced today that they have a SERDES for GPON ONU equipment. This isn’t really that spectacular given that these 2.5G components are typically just re-branded SONET/SDH components priced with lower margins and tested to lower standards. Even the burst mode support required at the OLT isn’t a big challenge for the CDR (keeping the analog front end linear is another story). It is a good way for a company to make waves about FTTH without doing a lot of work. Rumor has it that AMCC is also working on a GPON MAC device, which would be much more interesting news.

Here’s a snippet from the release:

The S3157 is the first in a series of AMCC solutions that are targeted at the emerging GPON market. A key supplier of PHY solutions in the Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPON) application space, AMCC continues its commitment to providing customers with standard compliance, high performance, availability and application support with the introduction of the S3157. Designed for WAN applications, the S3165 is an addition to AMCC’s family of multi-rate SerDes devices supporting 16-bit wide data interfaces. The S3165 delivers a decidedly integrated PHY solution to system vendors and the multi-rate functionality needed for optimum performance and design flexibility.

Funning thing is, when we search for EPON on the AMCC site we get “Nothing found to display.” If this is the case how is it that they could be a key supplier of EPON solutions today? Looks to me like they are starting to ramp up the marketing machine, I wonder what announcements will come next.

Our research indicates (and we are firmly on the record) that the bulk of the opportunity for FTTH is in EPON and that GPON is a less profitable venture, particularly at the MAC level.

Vitesse ( has been a big and successful player in EPON SERDES and analog components, starting well over a year ago with their PON PRO product line. They have been participating in the EPON FTTH SERDES market for some time.


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  1. 1. In the AMCC search box, enter s2060. I believe this is the product that the release is talking about.

    2. What about Passave, Teknovus and Centillium. How do
    you see AMCC/VTSS stacking up against these players in the E-PON space?

    Posted by Jack Jericho | December 20, 2005, 3:37 AM
  2. 1. AMCC indicated they have been in the EPON market for some time, I was searching for products that would have pre-dated this new announcement.

    2. Neither AMCC or VTSS have MAC products… so there isn’t a comparison. Both companies could be in that market if they decided to, they have the expertise. Tek and Passave both have a big jump though. I’m not sure Centillium is really a legit player.

    Posted by Andrew Schmitt | December 20, 2005, 7:29 AM
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